Social Media Solutions

Social media is not only time consuming, but can often be difficult to retain brand consistency across each platform. Our tools help your business track, schedule, and standardize the way you post to your common social media platforms.

One Post to Rule Them All

Create a single post consisting of text or images and our software will automatically optimize it for each of your connected social media accounts.

Post Scheduling

Using analytical data we can determine which periods of day your posts receive the most traffic. You can then set website functions which ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Synchronous Blogging

Connect your favourite blogging platforms to your website. Simply write a blog post for your site and will take care of updating all other platforms.

Detailed Analytics

Create.Marketing will consolidate all data from each platform in a simple, easy to understand dashboard. This data can then be used to narrow your marketing strategies.

Advertising Expenses & Credits

Using a network of providers we have facilitated the process of purchasing and evaluating paid advertising efforts. We even receive discounts from time to time.

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